Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Works for me Wednesday ~Learning Geography

We have been enjoying learning a lot about the USA for the last month or so and are studying a state a week. We have been doing a lot of things to help us learn like reading, eating foods from the state and playing games but one thing that has probably helped us the most in the learning of Geography has been putting a map on our dining room table.
We leave it on during meals and pretty much all the time. It is laminated so we can wipe it off. While eating we often end up talking about it, noticing new facts and talking about who lives where, what places we have been to, where we were born (Everybody in our family was born in a different state except for the youngest 2.) and all sorts of odds and ends. It has worked incredibly well for learning. Aaron (our 4 year old) can now point out exactly where we live in MN, point out Nevada where Grandad and Nana live and name several other states. The older two can of course to that as well as know quite a lot more. They love to find roads and follow them with their fingers pretending they are traveling. Or sometimes they go on the railroad. They also love finding all the national parks and try to find the biggest. Looking for mountains is also fun.
Jonathan who is learning to read has enjoyed trying out his skill on the map, sounding out the names of states and rivers so that he knows what he is looking at.
Ken who is not really into eclectic learning has really enjoyed this to. The other day after being impressed by all the kids have learned told me "This was a really great idea". This definitely works for me. (By the way, it isn't only the kids that are learning, Ken and I have learned a lot too!)
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BlessedMama said...

That is a really cool idea!

Amy said...

What a fun idea! :)

miranda said...

yeah that is a neat idea. can I ask where you got your map and if you had it laminated for you or if you did it yourself? I would love to get something like this for our table too. Also, while you are looking for mountains. You can remember we live close to the mountains in Colorado Springs. I love placing people with things it helps me remember them better.

Abbi said...

Miranda, Our map was actually given to us and it was already laminated so I had it easy. I had thought also of getting a map and putting it under a clear tablecloth.
I think office stores would have big maps.

Unknown said...

I am going to do this. My son's room is in maps and globes and I never thought of bringing it to a place we spend a great deal of time....the table. Thanks

Mamacita said...

This is a really good idea - thanks!

Bridgett said...

It's so much better than cereal boxes! Here is a site that sells educational placemats for a reasonable price. http://www.teachingplanet.com/shop-by-brand-m--ruskin.html
They are nice because you can get mats that coincide with your kids ages.


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