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3 comments: said...

Hi! How do you put your rag rugs together? I've made some half-hearted attempts but always bog down when it comes to putting them together.Lind

Unknown said...

Love your re-purposing idea of jeans..
Question: Being that the fabric is denim, and denim is 'stiff', how does it come out 'fluffy' instead of stiff feeling.
Thanks ao muxh.

Abbi said...

Hello -
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Linda- I used a variety of methods of putting the rag rugs together. Some I braid, some I crochet and a few I sew. The putting it together is part of the process - I do not use the method of braiding and then sewing together. I have blog posts that explain it more fully.

D Stevenson, The denim that I use in my rag rugs or other repurposing is usually well worn and softened jeans. So though it is still a sturdy material it is fairly soft and "fluffy". I hope that helps.


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