Friday, May 10, 2019

Glimpses of Wedding Preparations

 One week until Mara and Thomas' wedding. It is coming up quickly and our house looks like it. There are wedding associated things all over the place. But we are having fun and for that I am so thankful! God has truly blessed us with peace and joy in the midst of a busy time.

   Wedding prep isn't the only thing keeping us busy. Just lately we took a fun trip to go on a super neat field trip (out of town) that I totally have to blog about soon. Today was a bridal shower for Mara in the morning. This evening (another thing I need to blog about) we have a fun new experience with a film premiere for the short film that the highschoolers in our homeschool co-op put together this year. They did a great job. This has really been Jonathan's baby as he loves this sort of thing and he has spend hundreds (Thousands???) of dollars to buy the filming equipment that he needs and he spent hundreds of hours working on it as well. This last week he generally was up until midnight to 3 am and then up again pretty early to get it done on time. Anyway - hopefully more about that later with a link to the film.

Just now I thought I would share a few glimpses of the wedding prep.....

 Handmade lace....

 Wood burning is rather fun.

Items for children's activities
 Collected pussy willows for decorating.
Yesterday my sister-in-law, MollyBea came over and we have a fun time painting some wall decorations together.

 I can't wait to share the finished products soon!!


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