Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WFMW ~ Never run out of anything (almost!)

We have a system at our house which works really well (though once and a while we mess up and don't follow it perfectly). Our system is this: We keep a shopping list pad posted on the refrigerator. We also buy two or more of the things we regularly use. For instance on Mayonnaise we always have one which is in use in the fridge and another that is ready on the shelf. Whenever we use up the Mayonnaise in the fridge then we write it on the list and then open the one on the shelf. As long as we follow this (which both Ken and I are pretty good at now) we never have to say "Oh no! we are all out of ketchup!" when we are having burgers and oven fries. That definitely works for us.


Betsy said...

We've been using the pad on the fridge thing for a few years now, too--very handy!

mub said...

I have a message board that I do this on. I really like the idea to write it down as soon as one is used up, that's clever! I can never seem to remember which things I have extra of so this might be a good way around that =)

Lynn said...

I try to do this too. It works great.

Tiffany said...

We do this, also. When my husband tells me we need something from the store, I tell him to go put it on the list.


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