Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WFMW ~ Toys we like

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer requested that we share the toys that have worked well at our house. You know the toys that actually get played with over and over, not just a few times a year. I have noticed this trend as well and I thought this was a fun topic.
Here are the toys that work for us!
  • A wooden train set (part of it pictured above.) Originally my sister and her husband got a set from Target which they gave to Mara. She and Jonathan enjoyed playing with it a lot but it didn't seem quite big enough so eventually I found a set that would match at Walmart. A few other pieces have also been added and I also got them a few "Thomas" cars which work with it too. We also keep a large collection of matchbox cars and little farm sets with this set. This can make a pretty big mess when they get it out (But we have a big tub to put it in and it can be picked up quickly too!) but they really enjoy playing with it. It is a fun activity that they enjoy working together at.
  • Dolls! Actually two special dolls. Both Megan and Mara love their babies. Mara has one (Queea) that she has had since before she was 2. It is now missing both legs but she still plays with it at times. Queea used to go everywhere with her but then 2 years ago we gave her Sarah an 18 inch doll (a lot cheaper version of an American Girl) and now Sarah gets to go more places than Queea. Megan doesn't have just one doll to love but she loves them all.
  • Books. Good quality books with a fun story and nice pictures. We can never get enough of books around here.
  • Legos. They also enjoy tinker toys and magnet sets from time to time but Legos are the ones that really get used a lot!!
  • Bikes. Whenever it is warm these get a lot of use. The boys especially love them but our whole family enjoys going on bike rides.
  • And actually most of all an imagination! I know that is not really a toy but that is what they have the most fun using. An imagination doesn't really require anything else but they might add a couple of sticks and some rubber bands or maybe some old clothes to dress up in.

    To see a lot of other favorites visit Rocks in My Dryer. I would also love to hear in my comments what you kids like best.


John and Lisa said...

This is a good list, many of our favorites, too!

Martha said...

Our list would be about the same. No train set at our house. And I would add that I really like the Kitchen that dad made for me when I was little. The kids use it quite often. Also they play barbie type dolls a lot too.

Catherine said...

My kids also love legos, even though my daughter is now a teenager!


Katie said...

Benjamin, has the most fun with tape and paper, and cardboard, he is always trying to design some kind of contraption that will enable him to fly.
When we first moved to the Ukraine we bought a refrigerator. (refrigerator boxes are the best!) We used the box and made Benjamin a card board house, that we can fold up and pull it out and reassemble when the kids want to play with it. That was 4 years ago! It has been duck taped, and stapled back together so many times. Then it gets broken and becomes a whole new toy! something for the kids to prop up on the couch and slide down, etc. We have tried many times, to throw it away, but the kids are to attatched.

Anonymous said...

Great list - thanks for putting it together. Naturally we like the dolls; my 10 year old is smitten right now with American Girl Doll; she can't get enough!


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