Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paper Projects ~ Paul and Babe and Fairies

 The girls and I have been having fun playing with paper lately.
I had thought it might be fun to make some Paul Bunyan and Babe (they are a big thing in our town) cards by cutting out the shapes of them from magazine pictures (of things like tomatoes, tulips, sky, etc.) and then glue them together. Mara and I did have fun with it but it was a little time consuming and we were having issues with modge podge streaks so we gave it up after making 4 cards.

Instead Mara thought it would be fun to make fairies:
So Mara, Megan and I have been finding pictures of people, flowers and butterflies and have been having fun combining them. These will be used for cards (or in Megan's case- creative play) as well.

 These are kind of unique yet simple projects and we have been having fun with them.

 What do you make from old magazines or other scrap paper?


Sharm said...

Looks like you've had alot of fun!

Lady Violet said...

You are so blessed to be able to have all these hours at home to organize,clean and tidy, spend time with your family and have lots of fun.
I find your blog very inspiring. I am also trying to motivate myself into doing similar things but have much less time and therefore things very often get out of hand. It is difficult, but not impossible.

Melissa said...

Love the fairy cards in particular!!

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody!

Lady Violet,
I do agree that I am very blessed in the way that I am able to spend my days. Though I do teach some music lessons and also do wedding flowers as a business - most of my time is available to spend in the way I think best for the benifit of my family.


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