Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby Chicks

 We have had some distractions around our house this week. It is hard to do to much around the place without checking to see how some cute little chicks are doing and as far as the kids are concerned they like to pick them up and hold them a bit too.
  On Tuesday we went to the store that we had ordered them from to pick up the 15 chicks that we ordered (we also ordered 60 broilers for my parents but they went right to their house). We ordered 5 female Silver Laced Wyandottes, 5 female Gold Sex Link and then 5 straight run (supposed to be a mix of male and female) of assorted. That group ended up being (I am pretty sure) all male Black Sex Link chicks. At the store Aaron and Megan each bought their own chick as well. Aaron got an Americana and Megan got a Brahma.
 We fixed up a box for them in the entry way for the time being. We really need to get the coop done soon! We did lose one baby (it died) the first night. That was to bad but I guess that is somewhat typical. It was a very sweet little chick that had looked like it was rather in a daze the day before.
 The kids have named many of the chicks and love to hold them.
 Megan's Alice (or George if it ends up being a boy) is our very best bug eater.
 They are all enjoyed their outdoor exercise now.
Aaron, and sometimes the others, takes them out to "play" quite regularly (like many times a day).

  My kids are so loving having chickens. I knew they would but didn't quite imagine this delight that they have. When I was a child having chickens (plus many other animals, especially lots of poultry) was very normal. We always thought that the chicks were cute but I really didn't do any playing with them. Anyway I think the fact that they have wanted them for a while and would love to be farmers has made them more excited now that they finally do have them. Hopefully they continue to enjoy them for a long time!

Any tips for the new chicken owners?


Lydia said...

No tips, but I want some! We are hopefully closing on a house next week which might allow for some chicks!

abigail.christ said...

We have some down in Texas! Ours are supposed to start laying very soon. My advice is get that coop done soon! They grow so quickly. Another thing is that you really don't need more than one rooster. We ended up with four, and are planning on chicken soup in the next month!

Abbi said...

Lydia, That would be neat if you could get some chickens!

Abigail, Thanks for the tips. We are trying to get the coop done just as fast as we can. I think possibly by tomorrow it will be ready for occupancy though the run won't be quite done then. We did want one or possibly two roosters but the rest will be butchered come fall. We had hoped that are straight run would have more pullets in it.

Jackie said...

Your new chicks are so cute. The strait runs are usually always roosters. :) It looks like your kids are having lots of fun with the chicks. You will be amazed at how quickly they will turn from cute to the awkward teen phase as I like to call it. :)


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