Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here I am again...

Water Balloon Toss Game
 It has been a little quiet here on this blog lately. That is because real life hasn't been so very quiet. I thought I would share a bit of what has been going on here:

A week ago Friday we decided to hold an End of Summer/Back to School Ice Cream Party. That all got started because the week before we had watched my Sister-in-law's sisters for a day and we had ended up being given payment even though we had said we didn't need it (we really had fun having them here and they weren't extra work), anyway it was decided that we would do something fun with the money and we wrote up a list of ideas and what won was buying ice cream and cones and some toppings and some water balloons and then inviting over a bunch of friends for a party. So that is what we did.

Water Relay Race
    We told everybody to come prepared to get wet. We found a few different games to play that involved water (a couple required the use of water balloons) and then we also set up a slip and slide and a sprinkler and the kids had fun having a water fight. It was a nice warm day for a water party and it turned out pretty fun. I did put an end to the water fight we I went inside after spending a bunch of time outside visiting with the other ladies and when I got inside I found that the kids had been running in and out to get water for their water fight. We have 3 different spigots outside so that was totally unnecessary but I was told that they were cold so they needed warm water!

  On Labor Day weekend we thought it would be fun to go on a little canoeing trip. We decided to leave Sunday afternoon after church and then camp and canoe on Monday too. We invited others to join us and quite a few from my family did on Sunday but for various reasons none of them did on Monday but a friend named Benjamin (whom the boys really enjoy having around) did join us for the whole trip.

 In the picture above Keren, Jaten and Megan are waiting for the drivers to get back from dropping off cars so that we can head off.

   Our canoes were pretty loaded on Sunday since we had 15 people and luggage and only 4 canoes. Thankfully many of the people were on the little side. :-) As we were getting started our canoe (that Ken, Mara and I were in on Sunday) was the last to get put out and somehow when we were getting in (we are still feeling puzzled about it) we tipped over. Our canoe is narrow with a big keel on it and so it makes it tippy and I think perhaps we were perhaps on something and then I do know that we were pretty loaded down with stuff and Mara was sitting high up on an ice chest in the middle so perhaps that all is why but still it was a bit of a shock. :-) Anyway, we ended up dripping wet quite quickly. The day was on the chilly side anyway and as I tend to be cold blooded I quickly pulled out my dry clothes (that we supposed to be for the next day) and went off in the bushes and changed. Mara did the same but Ken didn't think that a bit of wetness would bother him and it didn't. He was glad to stay nice and cool. We sure do have different body temperatures!
 We all ate supper together after getting to the campsite. It is one of those little ones on the Mississippi that is only accessible by boat. It was nice and quiet and I like that. At the campsite we found some wild mushrooms (puffball varieties) to add to our supper as well as a few raspberries and wild mint, raspberry leaf and horsetail for tea. After supper Ken and Benjamin took the others down river to where their vehicle was and then they brought back two canoes.
 While they were gone the kids had fun going around in the canoe that we had left.
 I enjoyed a beautiful sunset but was sad because they never turn out as pretty in the picture as they are in real life.
 We did some exploring around the campsite too.
 The next day Mara and I took the tippy canoe (I bought it as a teenager and am kind of attached to it even if it is tippy - it is also fast) while Ken, Aaron and Megan went in one and Benjamin and Jonathan went in another. The kids did do a little bit of changing where they rode but mostly that was how we did it. In the picture above Mara is picking highbush cranberries which we spied on the bank as we went down the river. I made them into juice sweetened with honey and I am wishing I would have picked more now.
 This week has been a very busy one of putting up food for winter. On Wednesday we picked beans, grapes and broccoli at my parents and we also got some corn from a local farmer. On that same day we were also trying to prepare for a garage sale which I had said I would do on Thursday and Friday. The garage sale was really a bit much to add to a busy week but I had said I would do it and others from church (we were donating the funds to the church) had already brought over stuff so I thought I had better go through with it. After picking all the beans at my parents my Mom questioned whether I would really have time to get them done with the garage sale and all so she came over and snapped and canned them (or at least helped to can them) for me too. I am very blessed and a little bit spoiled!
 This Saturday and last I have also done flowers for weddings. Last weeks was all calla lilies and this week the bride wanted all/only baby's breath. I actually ended up liking the Baby's Breath wedding best of those two.

  This week we did also get started with our school work. We took it pretty light the first week but we did get started.
The canning and putting up for winter continues. I have canned four loads today. 2 were of beans, 1 of grape and highbush cranberry juice and one of tomatoes. We are feeling quite ready for winter and very blessed!

How is life going for you?

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