Thursday, January 9, 2014

Simple Pleasures

 Yesterday I had fun catching on camera some of the simple things that we enjoyed (and then I had trouble getting them on the blog last night for some reason - but here they are now.

  Miniature apple pies made by Mara were one of the treats. She thought they would be fun to make and though things like that seem a bit tedious to make in my mind she enjoyed it. We all enjoyed the result!

  What a fun morning snack. Warm apple pie while working on schoolwork.
 I did do some baking and we enjoyed warm fresh bread at lunch. Warm bread might be challenging to slice but you can't beat the taste.
 A rag rug just finished.
 More work on rag rugs being done. How I love using up those stained and worn out clothes! Aaron is cutting strips for me and
 Jonathan is cutting strips for his own rug that he is working on. They enjoy cutting while I read aloud to them (another of those simple pleasures that we enjoy!).

The day ended with a less simple but still fun activity.
Ken had bought us tickets to a Harlem Globe Trotter event as a Christmas surprise. We enjoyed seeing their antics and talents. IN the picture above one player is getting down after standing up on top of the hoop for a while.

I hope your week is going well! 

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