Saturday, March 1, 2014

NIV Adventure Bible Website


Do your kids enjoy playing on the computer? Ours do. They don't do it often as we try to be very careful to minimize electronic time of any sort but occasionally they will ask to do something beyond their normal typing and learning Spanish on Rosetta Stone. I don't mind them having a little fun on the computer but I don't like any games that are violent in nature or that promote ungodly concepts. Sometimes that can be hard to find as even on (one of the places they do like to visit) will often have games that I don't think are good or beneficial.
So, when I found out about the NIV Adventure Bible website complete with games that the kids could play, tools that I can use to help my kids learn more about the Bible and also resources for teaching Bible classes I was pretty happy.

  Aaron and Megan checked out the games for me. I first had Megan try out the Books of the Bible game as she has been trying to learn them anyway. (We have been working on them at home and a teacher at church also challenged the kids to learn them). It was a pretty simple game but she found it fun and hopefully it helped her in thinking more about the order of the books. Other games that they have are: Truthquest,  Leopardy, Leapin' Lemur and X Marks the Spot. I was impressed with X Marks the Spot which really looked like a fun way to learn a lot of Bible geography. They were also playing a fun Bible quiz game for a while. If they can have some fun and learn about the Bible at the same time that is really cool!

 As far as teacher resources - Jonathan and I are starting a new period of teaching the nursery class at church tomorrow and so I thought I would check and see if there was anything to help with that. I didn't really find much that I would want to use with the real little kids but I did see quite a bit that would be useful to me if I were teaching kids a bit older. There was a great variety of maps, word searches, cross word puzzles and other activities and helps.

The site is free to use and you can check it out yourself to see much more than I was able to tell you about.

Have you ever used this website? Do you have any other good resources or kids games that you recommend?

I was asked to review this but the thoughts are my own - I am not receiving any payment other than a Bible as a thank you gift.

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I can't wait to check out this site!


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