Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our Life in Pictures

It has been a while since I have done a picture post (or much of any posts) so this one is pictures from more than just the last week but rather the last little while...

 Aaron and Kitchi who has learned how to get up on the boulders that we have in our front yard.
 The pretty Clemantis that Mara gave me for Mother's Day. The next morning Kitchi had dug it up as he wanted to chew on the little trellis. I replanted it but wasn't sure if it would make it. It did! It is greening up again. Praise God!
 Whales from my Sunday School class. I love this craft. The kids enjoyed it too.
 Asparagus that we foraged from an abandoned plot.
 Regal Mara looking (unsuccessfully) for more asparagus.
 Megan when she and I spent a morning together North East of here while the boys went to a Hunter's Safety Field day.
 Above and below are pictures of the kids with some good friends who recently moved away.
 We miss them but are delighted that Ken's parents bought their house and moved here from way out West. So nice to have another set of Grandparents in town.
 Jonathan at work.
 Megan playing the "harp" at a store in town.
 Ladyslippers blooming in our woods.
 A picnic fixed by my younger two this week while their older siblings worked.

 Iris blooming in the new flower bed that I am working on in our front yard.
 My sister and nephew and their new little kitten. Stay tuned for a bit post of animal updates from our little homestead!
 Flowers for a wedding today.
A snapping turtle that was trying to lay eggs in our yard. I don't know if she got the job done before I hurried her back to the river before she and Kitchi got in a fight.

What is going on at your place?

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