Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Zero Waste (Well not quite) Wrap up

I thought I would pop in at my blog quickly tonight and show you the landfill waste from our month. Oh, I bet that just fills you with excitement!!! (Grinning) Just what you have always longed to see. Not! Oh well, It doesn't feel like I would be truly finished with last months challenge if I didn't show you the results.
   This picture above of trash in an ice cream bucket is my personal trash bin of the month. Everything that I threw away all month except for 3 little creamer containers from the gas station that I unthinkingly threw in their trash can and 1 straw from the restaurant. Another exception is that I did clean a few times at other peoples houses and I did throw their trash away in their own trash cans. My trash contained various business related plastic packaging, a couple of canning lids that were not good enough to use again, a cheese wrapper (from some cheese that my sister gave us that was very yummy) and a couple of food wrappers from some birthday foods that my October birthday boys requested. I think there were a few other odds and ends that I couldn't compost when I was cleaning out my office storage closet. Also there were a few things from the silk wedding flower order that I put together. I was actually amazed with how little trash I was able to create with that job.
This is pretty much all the household trash that the rest of my family created this month. There was another little bag as well and I think they may have thrown a couple of things in the big outside trash bin. They also totally threw things away at their jobs and other places they were at. The bag on the left was the House trash and the wastebasket is what is from activities in our garage. I was pretty impressed with how little was created since most of them weren't really trying. I did look into the trash cans (though not really the garage one) pretty regularly to take stuff out to go in the compost or recycling and I also used a lot of the paper products for fire starter.

   So, not Zero Waste but way closer to that then we would have been if we (I - though Megan was pretty on board as well) hadn't been attempting it.


Mrs. Chrissy T said...


MollyBea Williams said...

That is very impressive Abbi!

Amy and Mark said...

SO wonderful! Thank you again for this series!
Also, our book came today! We cannot wait to read it! Thank you again! :) - Amy

Abbi said...

Thank you all!


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