Friday, September 28, 2018

LITTLE WOMEN 2018 Movie Review

   So I was recently asked if I would like to do a movie review for "Little Women". I thought that sounded pretty fun as "Little Women" has been a much enjoyed book around here and we enjoy a good movie from time to time. I didn't notice at first that it was a modernized version. I would have been a lot less eager if I had. But we went ahead with it anyways.

 Personally I think this movie would probably be most enjoyed by people that don't love the book. But then again some might really enjoy the modern twist. I did find it interesting to see what things they kept the same and what things got changed and then of course how they changed them.

  Some of the strong points of the movie:

  • The love of sisters even though sometimes you think you might hate them.
  • The need to respect the different life goals of others.
  • The beauty of helping others.
 We had a rough viewing time as my computer was having issues and the movie would start and stop on us regularly so that didn't help me to get lost in the movie like perhaps I could have otherwise. So I stayed pretty detached and not emotionally caught up in it. Which led me to wonder things like: "If I hadn't read the book would I understand the different characters with the speed that they sometimes flew from one time to another?" They did a lot of changing from one time period to another and then back and forth again. I think it worked okay but was sometimes a little challenging to follow. In the movie Beth was completely lovable as always, Meg was pretty sweet, Amy was a "brat" which follows the book pretty well in my opinion, Marmee was a little hard to take (again my opinion) but Jo was the real challenge. I liked her in many ways but I think they went way over board in displaying the bad side of her - almost to the point that it was hard to like her. In the book she certainly deals with faults but there is the very lovable side that is really trying to do what is right too. That wasn't so apparent in the movie.

  Over all I would say that it isn't a bad movie to watch. You may enjoy it and you may be inspired by some of it but it is also possible that you, like my children, might find it a little painful to watch. I think it is a personal taste thing. 

 Check out the Trailer and see what you think.

The movie was released in movie theaters today. You may be able to find it in you area this weekend.

Disclaimer: I was asked to review this movie and I did so after being provided a free viewing. All opinions expressed are my own.

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