Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Grill Gloves Review

Do any of you like to grill or smoke your turkey for Thanksgiving? We don't do that at our house but My brother likes to do that sometimes and I know of others that like to do that as well. These gloves could come in pretty handy for something like that. These are Grilling Gloves. They are heat resistant up to 662 degrees so they can protect you very nicely while working with hot things. I think they would be perfect also for dealing with fires and cooking over a fire when camping.

  Cave Tools sent them to me at no cost if I would do a review about them. So this is my honest review.

   They seem like a quite high quality comfortable pair of gloves. As far as size I would certainly consider them a man's size. When I tried them on they are pretty big on me even though I have long hands. Jonathan was the one to use them while grilling (and he said they worked nicely) and he found them on the small size but he is my 6'3" boy and has pretty big hands as well. Ken tried them on and they fit fine. :-)

  The gloves are washable - the box says you can throw them in the machine but the label on them recommends hand washing. They have nice long cuffs to protect you a decent way up your arm.

   You can find these gloves on Amazon or the Cave Tools Website. If you buy them at Cave Tools you can use this code: GrillGlove15  to get 15% off.

   Whether you smoke, roast, deep fry or grill your turkey (or eat something else all together) on Thanksgiving I hope you have a wonderful day and that you will truly overflow with Thankfulness to our Creator who gave us all things to enjoy!

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