Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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 Good morning!

I just wanted to share with you another place that I and some friends of mine have been writing and we would love to have you join us there. We have started a group blog called Mustard Trees. It is written by women (though we did have one guest post by Katie's brother) for the purpose of encouraging other women in their Christian walk.

My friend Katie just wrote a post entitled: Hunky Dory. I really, really appreciated her thoughts on where our safe place should be.  She also has written one called Separated After Birth which shares some stories and lessons learned while she was a missionary in Ukraine. 

Lisa, a friend of mine from out west who also homeschooled her 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls), recently wrote about 4 Things I Learned While Raising My 4 Kids. In all the things we worry about getting right as parents she speaks of some of the things that are truly important. I think you will find it encouraging. Lisa also wrote a good post on Do You Love Your Neighbor As Yourself?

I think you also will enjoy Marette's post on How to Turn the Corners and Not Miss the Curves. She has some good thoughts on living life even in hard times. She says: "Life is all about staying at the cross and loving people. Learning how to handle the corners in life gives us the credibility to tell another one coming behind us, “you can do this- I made the corner. Slow down, keep your eyes on the road and follow the lines and let the Holy Spirit direct your steps.”

Bethany wrote a good post called To Worship Him and another called "The Joy of Christmas" which has a message that is good for far past Christmas time.

Tasha wrote on Embracing God's Truth Over Your Daily To-do List. A needed reminder as we try to plan on our lives. I really enjoyed her thoughts in The Self-Disciplined Woman: Am I Keeping My Word?

I wrote on being Transformed by the Renewing of Our Mind.  That is something I have been meditating on a lot and seeking God's truth on it. It was very helpful for me to write out my thoughts and I hope it is helpful to others as well. I also wrote about Partners in Prayer  sharing how this has been a life changing practice for me. I am so grateful to have people that I can get together with regularly to pray with. 

 I hope you will come on over to Mustard Trees and be encouraged in your walk with Jesus!

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