Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Works for me Wednesday ~Living room organization

Today I thought I would share some of our organization in the living room. It isn't to exciting but it works for us!

I bought these side tables quite a while back and wondered what we would do with all of the magazine rack space. However we have figured out how to use it quite well.
One of them does hold magazines and catalogs. It is very nice to have just one place to put these things. If it starts getting to full I know it is time to go through them and get rid of some. I try to make sure that we only have the current catalog on hand and only if I think I might want to buy something. Often old ones will get turned into craft projects. For magazines I try to read them soon and then pass them on to someone else who might enjoy them as well.

The other table holds the kids library books in it. It is very handy as we do most of our reading aloud in the living room. Another handy thing about it is that the kids put them in and out quite easily. This area is just for the little kids books, Mara and I have different shelves for ours. It is very good to have a set place for library books so that they don't get spread out all over the house.

Another storage space in the living room is under our couch. I read somewhere that it was a great place for storing your extra table leaf. I agree. It stays nicely hidden under there until we need it and then it is quite handy to use.

Do you have any storage tricks or ideas that you would like to share? These particular ones work for me!


Angie said...

I need tofigure out what to do with our library books. It is hard to keep them all together, especially with little ones around. They tend to read them and just throw them in with our books then they get lost in the shuffle! Thanks for the idea I will be looking for a place in our home for that!

Totallyscrappy said...

And they look good, too!


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