Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WFMW ~Backwards edition ~ What do you do with Tomatillas?

Today I get to ask you a question... And mine is: What do you do with lots and lots of Tomatillas? (Or husk tomatoes).
I planted them a few years ago thinking that they might be fun to try and ever since then they have been coming up like weeds and I have oodles of them! Unfortunately I am not extremely fond of green salsa and my try at syrup/jam from them like they did in the little house books is just sitting in our cupboard.

But if you know me at all, you know I hate to waste (especially food!) and I wondered if you have any great ideas for using them up. Some ways that I have used them successfully is chopping them up and putting them in meatballs or meatloaf but I still have trouble using them all up. I have also tried giving them away and that works once and a while but most people that I offer them too don't know how to use them either.

Anyway that is my problem, what is your solution?


Anonymous said...

help me.

Mike, Brie and The Three said..., Tyler's Ultimate had a great recipe for tomatillos in his Fish Taco show. Maybe you haven't had the "right" salsa verde yet! Best of luck. Stop by my way sometime.

Paul Barber said...

You can give some to us!! We love them in our salsa! ( : If you like regular salsa just add a couple tomatillas with your regular tomatoes. That's what we usually do. Yummy!
I sure enjoyed getting to see you for the brief time that we had! Thanks for coming to the rally!

Abbi said...

I will have to try Salsa Verde again. I did see a recipe with them in it that I think I will try this next week.
Venessa, If you just lived a little closer!...


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