Thursday, June 18, 2009

~The drawing of Fairies~

Something we have enjoyed at our house lately is sitting down together and drawing. Mara really enjoys fairies and was enjoying dreaming up what fairies would look like if they were clothed in different flowers we have around here. She drew me into the imagining too and so we decided to sit down and draw some. Aaron decided to join us too and then later Megan and Jonathan got in on the fun as well.
We had a few books to look at for inspiration: Our Wildflower guide, a butterfly guide and a book about fairies. We also had a bouquet on our table and we went and picked various other flowers to look at more closely as well.
We would chose a specific flower for them to represent and then draw the fairy and the flower. Fairies need wings of course so we chose a specific butterfly wing for them to wear. A project that started simply in fun became a course in learning better to identify flowers and butterflies.

Drawing with your kids is really lots of fun! It is great for just sitting down relaxing and having fun and letting the creative juices flow. Kid's are great critics (simply put they usually think everything is wonderful and don't criticize at all) so you don't have to worry if you aren't the world's best artist. If you haven't drawn with you kids lately I highly recommend it!


Miranda said...

I agree, drawing with kids is a lot of fun. My 8 yr old loves to draw and we used to draw together every day! Fun.

Keren Ruth said...

hehe. Your kids really are very wonderful critics.

Karen Andreola said...

Drawing with the fairies is a sweet idea. The colorful pictures your children have drawn prove it sparked their curiosity and fed their imaginations. My children did much drawing when they were young. Each has carried over a bit of artist in them into adulthood.
Nice to meet you through your blog,
Karen A.

Abbi said...

Good to "meet" you too. Thanks for stopping by! That is neat that your kids still enjoying drawing.


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