Monday, October 3, 2011

A Handmade Christmas {Week One- Please join me!}

 Welcome to the first week of A Handmade Christmas! I hope will join me for this season of fun creating! I will look forward to hearing what you think of my ideas and I am hoping we willing tell me your ideas too- either by linking up your blog post or in the comments.

 I have been working on several projects for Christmas but I am going to share with you today the one that I have finished. I have it finished because it is very quick and easy- so if you are looking for a little gift that is inexpensive and easy to make for a child in your life- maybe this idea will work for you.


This is for my sweet little 5 year old that likes to be a fairy. It would also work for any little girl that just likes being a princess or queen. I have also made before a crown out of deep blue and gold that worked wonderfully for a king or prince.

What you need:
  • 2 or more colors of felt.
  • Thread
  • Velcro (around 1 inch)
  • Other decorations such as rosebuds if you like.
Step one: Cut out a paper pattern that is around 24 inches long (I just cut out one side which was 12 inches and then placed it on the fold) of how you want your crown to look.

Step two: Cut out two pieces of felt from the pattern in contrasting colors. If you are using the small squares of felt then you will have to sew them together as I did with the purple piece.
 Step 3: On your top layer cut out whatever little designs suit your fancy. I did diamonds, hearts and moons. You could also do stars, flowers, circles, triangles or whatever other shape you like.

Step four: If you like you can put another color of felt under the cutouts in between your two layers. Pin everything together.
 Step five:
Sew your layers together. In the past I have done this by hand using different stitches with colorful embroidery thread. This looks nice but I also think the way I did it this time using different stitches and threads on the sewing machine worked well too. Stitch all around the outside and then around each cut-out shape.

Step six:
Sew Velcro on each end so that it can be fitted together. The Velcro makes it a little adjustable for each head size as well.

Step seven:
Sew on any embellishments that you might desire- or you can skip them if you want.

Step eight:
Look forward to seeing a cute little fairy princess wear her crown.

So what have you been making? I am really looking forward to seeing what you link up! I so enjoy getting ideas from all of you.

I can't wait to see what you make!

-Please link up a handmade idea that would work for a Christmas gift, decoration or for eating. :-)
-Please make sure it is family friendly.
- Please link back to this blog. I would love it if you also would display my graphic either in your post or on your sidebar so that others can learn about and join this carnival too.
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Sally said...

love this crown! I am not ready to join in, but I want to!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Glad you are joining in, wish I had something homemade to share with you, but I'm not very crafty :-)

Melia said...

I don't have any pics to show yet, but I am making bendy dolls and a fairy house for my 3 yr old. And I am also making miniature things for my older girls to decorate their fairy gardens. I am making survival kits in Altoids tins for my son and my husband. I am so excited to be making things for my family this year instead of buying things they don't need!

petrii said...

This looks simply wonderful. Please tell me how this works. Do we have to make what you are making or just write a post and link up on Monday's to share what we are making for CHRISTmas. I'd love to participate.
Have a Blessed and Beautiful evening ~~ Dawn

Abbi said...

Sally, Thanks so much! I hope you will be able to join in sometime this season. I would love to see your ideas.

Melissa, Thanks so much for stopping by! You might not consider yourself crafty but I enjoy seeing your artistic decorating!

Melia, Thanks so much for sharing the things you are doing. That sounds like perfect ideas for me family too! Though we did already make survival kits this summer before we went hiking- but still I think that is a really cool gift idea! I hope you will be able to link up pictures some week. That would be fun.

Dawn, Thanks much for stopping by. I would very much love to have you join me. The idea behind the linking up is not that you do what I do but simply write a post sharing what Handmade things you are making and then link them up here so that we can have a collection of ideas for handmade gifts, decorations or yummy treats.
I will put up a new post each week with a linky on it.

Jackie said...

The crown looks great! Thanks for sharing how you made it. I hope to be able to link up soon. I am working on Christmas gifts, finally.

Melissa French - The More With Less Mom said...

I love making dressups that will last for my littles. I have shared this on my Magical Things Fairy Day Roundup post.

Abbi said...

Melissa, I am glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing it!


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