Monday, June 25, 2012

A Rag Rug for June {Made by Jonathan}

I didn't have a chance to finish a rug this month but Jonathan did. After cutting many strips for me for other rugs he asked me if he could use some strips to make one himself. I said sure and so he got busy and crocheted one.
The unique thing about his is that he didn't use a crochet hook- he just used his fingers. I thought it was pretty creative. It is pretty loose too so I am not sure about it's sturdiness but I think it is neat.


CathyB :) said...

I love the colors of this rug. He did a great job! I love your blog, so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Great Job, Jonathan! I like the colors in this rug very much, too. Love, Grandma

Jen said...

I just made my first sew-free rag rug from your site! Used exactly one worn out king size sheet! Problem is that it is out of that jersey bamboo material which makes it so soft that my toddler carries it around like a blankie now! LOL! Oh well, it was a slip hazzard anyway on our wood floor. How do you keep your rugs from slipping out from under your feet on your wood floors?

Abbi said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!
Jen, That is very neat that you made a rug! I don't really do anything concerning the slipping. It seems like once the have flattened out well (from use) it isn't a big issue for us. If there were elderly people in our home I might need to think about preventing any slipping at all but right now they work okay for us.


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