Thursday, August 2, 2012

I don't buy..... Canned Beef Stew

Ken doesn't care for many soups or stew but one he does like is Beef Stew - in the past it was always specifically canned store bought beef stew. I wouldn't generally buy it but sometimes for camping trips he would go buy it or request that I do so.
 Last time we were enjoying it on a camping trip I mentioned that I really should try again to make some homemade that he would like. He was willing that I should try but thought it might be challanging to get the seasonings right. I decided I would read the label and only put in the ingredients that they had though minus some of those unpronounceble names. I made some without tomatoes (though some people like tomatoes in there stew - including me some of the time- Ken doesn't and the ones from the store don't have them either) and Ken pronounced it good. The seasoning was as simple as salt and pepper. Success!

Last week I was getting ready for a trip we took this week to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (near Ely, MN) and I knew we would enjoy beef stew on our trip. I decided to make it myself and then freeze it ahead of time so it would be extra "ice chunks" for our cooler until it was time to eat it.

   To make it I first cooked part of a round steak (leftover roast works great too) in the crockpot overnight seasoned just with salt and pepper.

  Then I peeled potatoes and carrots and cut them up and cooked them in some water. While they were cooking I chopped up an onion and a couple cloves of garlic and added them. Then since we had zucchinni on hand I decided to add that to the mix as well. Then I cut up the round steak into chunks and added it and the broth. Then I mixed together some flour and water and added that and salt and pepper to the mix. I cooked it until it boiled- stirring frequently. When it was nearly done I added some chopped up green onion tops.

Next step is to eat it - or freeze it, if you want it later. Enjoy! I am always happy when I make something that Ken really likes especially when I have struggled with making it in the past. I hope that you are inspired to perhaps try something again that you may have struggled at making before!

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All in a Day said...

That is funny about Ken and the stew! Mike has made a 180 degree turn with my chili. He used to like it, then didn't, now does again. :)

I just wanted to comment on the ice chunk issue--I used to do that all the time with our foods when we went camping. It was so handy!

Melissa said...

Long ago, I mentioned using pureed zucchini as a substitute for cream-of soups...I make as much as I can and freeze it and then substitute it when I need a cream-of - if I want a creamier substitution I add cream cheese - which is still healthier than the canned stuff.

Here it is (you asked for it).

3 cloves garlic
3 large onions chopped
6 tbs olive oil
5 qts chopped summer squash
salt to taste.

Saute the onion and garlic in the oil. Add the squash. Cover and cook until squash is soft.


Puree in blender.

I freeze them in empty pb jars which hold about 16 oz.

Nola said...

I used to struggle making soups so much, and stews too. Now I have mastered it. I even adapted a recipe off the internet the other day to use up some things we had on hand and be extra frugal. I made lentil-pumpkin-potato-kale soup! It was great.


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