Saturday, August 25, 2012

Simple Blessings

 I just wanted to share something I have really been enjoying lately- A hollyhock blooming!

Growing up we had a lot of hollyhocks at our place. I love their tall cheerfulness and then enjoyed it when my mom showed me how to make little ladies out of them blooms - something that she had also done when she was a girl. For sometime I have wanted to have them at my place. I don't know how many times that I have planted them from seed and I had even tried buying plants. The seeds would sometimes come up but there would just be this tiny little plant and then it wouldn't come back again the next year. It seemed that I just couldn't get things right for them.

 Then this year one of the little bitty plants from the year before came back. I was so excited!! I was eagerly watching it grow along the side of my house and then one day Ken was out weed eating as he likes a neat looking yard (as do I) and Mara and I discovered that he had cut down the hollyhock. He doesn't know much about plants and I had just had it growing beside the house (not in a special bed) so he thought it was a weed. It was an accident and I certainly wasn't mad but I did almost cry. We checked though - and though he had cut off the top there was still a bit of the plant left and so we had hope.

  And it grew! For the last month now it has also been blooming. This flower was long awaited for and I am enjoying it immensely! Thank you God for simple blessings!
Are you enjoying the simple pleasures that God has provided in your life today?

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Travis said...

Such a beautiful bloom.I have been thinking about holly hocks this summer, they have fun memory ties for me too.


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