Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A quick clothespin bag

I haven't posted many projects on Tuesday for a while but since I made a couple of quick ones today I thought I would blog about one too.  I learned that  a friend was wanting a clothespin bag and since I was taking my boys over to her house today to go to her son's birthday party I decided to try and make one quickly.
    I didn't have much time to I just quickly found a sturdy hanger and an old dress shirt of Ken's. First I cut off the sides and the bottom of the shirt so that the shoulder seams were just long enough to fit the hanger and have seam allowance. Then I turned it inside out and sewed up the side and bottom seams. Then to make it easier to get the clothespins in and out I cut the neckline lower (removing the collar and such) and then hemmed it.
   It was super quick to make and I am hoping it works very well for her. She was quite please with it.
Do you have any suggestions for making an easy clothespin bag? I actually use a basket at my house but have been thinking about making a special clothespin apron.


Janet W said...

I actually used one of my daughters old t shirts...shes 6. I sewed shut the bottom and cut the neck in a "v "and hemmed it so I could reach in better. Used a sturdy hanger and whoala clothes pin bag!

Becky said...

I used a pattern similar to this and it was very quick and easy ... just a hanger, some fabric and edging tape. I did made it about 5 inches longer because ~ well ~ we have quite a few more clothespins than the 'average' laundry hanger ;)



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