Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Decorating for Fall!

Our nature shelf
 Although it is still a few more days before Autumn officially begins it already seems like Autumn around here. I love Fall and I very much enjoy decorating for that season as well. The decorating seems to come about very naturally as we bring in lots of harvest from the garden and we need some place to put it and so until we use it it generally becomes part of the decorating around the house. Also we try to pick flowers before the frost so we have those to enjoy and then when we see other things like beautiful leaves and cute little acorns it is pretty hard to resist bringing some of them in the house as well.

 First stop with decorating was our nature shelf under our family picture. On it are various nature items that we have found: A turkey feather from my parents woods, acorns, colorful corn, some (empty) honeycomb and....
 This cute little guy that Mara made. She made some last year as well and we totally love the jolliness of them!

When I was working at decorating I wanted a few more colorful leaves. The girls offered to go find some and the boys thought that sounded fun too.
 I already had the bouquet of lilies on the piano but a huge red leaf found by Aaron made it look even prettier!

 I decided it would be fun to make a harvest display. I started with an old tray (found free at a local thrift shop this summer) and a vase with rocks and a candle.

Then I added various goodies from our garden and some beautiful fall leaves.

I am loving the dry Indian corn that we grew this year!
 This makes a pretty addition to our entryway.

 One bunch of leaves is looking lovely in my office/craft room.
I added a colorful leaf to each place the curtains are tied back. I think it looks nice.

 Do you like decorating for Autumn? Do you use stuff from nature for your seasonal decorating? I would love to hear about what you do!

I am linking this post up to Fall around the House at the Inspired Room.


Laurie Neverman, The Common Sense Woman said...

Your decorations are lovely! I much prefer natural decorations over all the giant inflatable things that start to show up this time of year.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Looks so pretty and natural.
The Robin’s Nest

Cheryl said...

Oh, yes...I do love using nature to decorate for autumn! Your fall touches are lovely, and I love that it was a family affair!

Lisa@TheWarmingHouse said...

You and I have something in common. I love to bring the outdoors in too! Nice post.


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