Monday, July 22, 2013

Another chicken post

 I don't think this blog is going to turn into a chicken blog. They have been feature quite a bit lately though, haven't they?

 I did think it would be fun to show you our chicken run however as well as something Megan made for the chickens.
 Ken didn't really want free range chickens in our yard and with the road being fairly close I actually thought that might be just as well. So a chicken run was needed.

Pallets to the rescue again!

We took a trip to the lumberyard where my brother works to pick up a new (free) supply.
  We hooked them together using scrap boards that my Dad had left from his sawmill.
 The little chickens very much enjoyed being out. They were eating bugs and grass right and left.
  We put a net (provided by my dad) over top to keep out owls or other predators. Dad had an owl get a bunch of his chickens a couple years ago so we wanted to prevent that.
 The run turned out pretty nice sized.
 Our fence leans a bit, hopefully I can figure out how to fix that some day.
 We made our gate with more pallet boards and some chicken wire. I like it.

While we were working out in the chicken pen I found the first lost feather from our flock. Megan decided she had better make a scrapbook. Here are a few pages from it...

I found it pretty fun! Mara helped her to list all of their names on one page of it.

  So that is our chicken update for today. I do hope to tell  you about our homemade feeders and waterers soon but then I may be fairly quiet about chickens until the first egg is laid.


Rachel E. said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, Abbi. I like the net, it looks almost zoo like. :D

All in a Day said...

love the book...

Jackie said...

I love Megan's book! Also, I love how you used pallets to make a fence. We have to keep our chickens fenced in a big yard because we have lots of predators like coyotes, raccoons, etc. who would love to get at them.

Lydia said...

We are moving into our new house tomorrow. Oh how I would love to get chickens. Think I need to get settled into the house first though :)

Travis said...

Megan's scrap book is great!


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