Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enjoying holidays as a couple

  Our family enjoys holidays as I am sure most of you do. It is always nice when Ken is able to take a little time off from work and just spend some time having fun with the family.

  I think Holidays are often an interesting time to strive to work at having a good marriage. They can be lots of fun but they can also bring various expectations and stress. I know for us we both came into our marriage with different ways of celebrating holidays. It has been good for us to learn how to compromise in this area and find ways that worked for us and our family.

  It is so good to remember that we are working as a team throughout all of life including the holidays. Sometimes we are able to find this really happy medium that is perfect for both of us, sometimes the holiday is celebrated in a way that is more one persons style than the other's and then back the other way another time and that works for us.

  Through it all we have come up with various traditions that we enjoy and hopefully our marriage is growing stronger through this and we are creating happy memories for our children.

  May you have a fun and happy Independence Day - one that helps your family and marriage grow stronger!

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