Thursday, August 8, 2013

Missing my kids

   This week Mara, Jonathan and Aaron are off to Bible camp. Though I am very glad they have this opportunity to go, I sure do miss them.

  We have been having a fun week with Megan here at home. We have followed our normal routine plus we sewed a new dress (with puffed sleeves - like Anne of Green Gables) so we have stayed busy. It has been neat to have the one on one time with Megan but I sure do miss my big kids.

   I am glad that we miss them. I feel blessed that we are able to share close family relationships - that we love being together. God created families and He wants them to be strong. I do feel truly blessed with the family that God has given to me.

  Though as a general rule I do think it is good and important for families to be together as much as possible I do also think that Bible camp can be a very good thing for children. It is a time when they can concentrate on learning more about the Bible and grow closer in their walk with God. Camp is a neat time for making new friends. Some of the friends I made in Bible camp as a child I still enjoy a friendship with even though we live many miles apart. Experiences like camp can also be growing times for children, camp provides challenges that they might not experience at home.

  I know that there can be some dangers in sending kids off to camp - there may be bad influences either through other kids or even the adults there. In the past I have worked at camp when my kids were there but that has left me separated from Ken for a week which I don't care for either. This year at camp my sister is there, I have heard good things about other leadership there, I met and visited with the counselors and I have done a lot of praying. We have a big and mighty God who is watching over all that happens.

   Do you send your kids to camp? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

P.S. I wondered if keeping up with things around the house would be easier or harder with the 3 kids gone. I have determined that I have to work harder with them gone. I knew they were good workers but I didn't realize quite how much I would miss there help.


shell said...

We love camp! Rowan has gone the last 4 years and Pam has been bringing her kids to go to camp with our church for the last 3 years. Carston is the only one of the 5 that hasn't gone and he can't till next when he is old enough to go.

Abbi said...

That is neat that you all have a good camp to go to as well. Our kids came home very excited about their week at camp. They loved it! I had felt a little nervous about sending them to a new camp but that nervousness was completely in vain. Megan is very much looking forward to when she can go too. Not next year but the next. That will be very strange to have no children at home!


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