Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happenings on Our Homestead

Spring has really and truly arrived and you may have noticed that blogging rather took a back seat. There are just so many other things to do too. But I do love blogging so here I am again. :-)

Here are some various things that have been happening around our homestead....
 We tried grafting a bunch of apple trees. We also moved them out of the temporary home in the garden into their permanent locations.
 The rootstock we had bought economically from the county when we first bought this property. The scions we got off of my Dad's trees. I am feeling a little pessimistic about the grafting. I don't know that I really got the hang of how I should be doing it yet.
 Our new layer hens (18 of them) are getting big. They are a lot bigger now than when I took this picture.
 Late April we got another snow. It was pretty but for some reason people were struggling to properly enjoy it. :-)
 I think Kitchi thought it was just fine.
 I moved my cherry trees too and then they bloomed beautifully.
 They are now down by the house and I could look out and enjoy them every day.
 Aaron gave the garden another tilling (Ken had earlier).
 Then we started planting the cold loving plants. We don't do anything that is sensitive to frost until June but other things are great to get going earlier.
 Mara was in charge of onions.
 Megan helped a lot with this mess of potatos.
 Aaron planted peas.
 I found a morrell mushroom in our woods. I was super excited to find one on our property! That is the only one so far. I split it into 3 pieces (for Ken, Mara and I - the ones that enjoy mushrooms) and fried it. Yummy! We have been having rain lately so I am hoping more might pop out soon.
 My brother Luke brought Dad's bobcat over and did a lot of dirt work (we had a bunch of black dirt hauled in) for us and moved some rocks as well. We now are pretty much ready to plant the yard.
 Mara got this lovely clematis plant for me for Mother's Day. Unfortunately Kitchi decided to tear up the trellis which brought the plant with it. I replanted it and am hoping it survives. I love the look or a Clematis. I am enjoying all the other plants coming up which I planted last year.
 We got the lower part of our driveway paved this week.
 It was fun to watch.
It looks so nice now! We are very excited about no longer having mud puddles, being able to get our yard planted and the reductions of dust near our house. Playing basketball and roller blading is also very exciting for the family.

I am gearing up to getting the rest of the garden planted. I have a bunch of seedlings growing on my window shelf. Spring is an exciting time of year!


Mrs Shoestring said...

I couldn't agree more, Spring is a very exciting time of year and it looks like you have been making the most of it !

Carmen N said...

I love spring! Several years ago we found some morel mushrooms on our property but they haven't appeared again. They are delicious - but expensive if you buy them (or are even able to find someone to sell them!)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You are right, blogging has to take a backseat with all the goings-on of spring! I too have had a crazy busy spring, and am trying to play catchup with visiting of my dear blogging friends :) Looks like you had some great helpers in the garden! I've got peas, onions, kale and spinach in the ground. My strawberries are blooming beautifully, so looking forward to a great crop from them. My tulips are still blooming too. So exciting to get your yard work done and to have your driveway paved! Our driveway needs work this year too. Always enjoy my visit with you, have a blessed week!

Abbi said...

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement! Happy Spring to all of you!


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