Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Seeking to Simplify- Doing Family Activities

 One of the ways that we have tried to keep things a little simpler for our family is to as much as we can have family activities instead of individual activities. That doesn't work every time but much of the time that is the way we do it.

None of our kids are involved in traditional age categorized sports but instead we have one of our favorite family activities - Homeschool baseball. We started this around 7 years ago after we had tried out a summer of having the boys in little league. I didn't care for going during the day while Ken was working as sports is more his interest anyway and I also didn't like having to be there 2 different times in the day for my boys of different ages. So we started up this pretty informal baseball gathering that is in the evening (when dads are generally off work) and all ages of kids can play at the same time. We do divide up into older kids and younger kids (and we may soon have a middle kid group too) but every can play at the same time. Dads  help out with pitching/coaching and Moms keep score and keep kids organized and watch over little ones that are two young to play. Everybody tends to have a lot of fun and we have become good friends with many that attend. We meet just once a week throughout the summer (This year we started at the beginning of May and we tend to go through September).
Anyway - that is our current busyness on Tuesday evenings and we are enjoying this simple family time.

Concerning my clutter simplifying....

  As this year has gotten busier (Spring and Summer tend to do that) I have struggled a little to get all my goals met but we are still making a lot of progress and I am happy about that.

I haven't reported on my progress since April 5th! Oh my!
Since then....

I have gotten rid of 207 items in the last 8 weeks. A little over 25 a week which is my goal.
I decluttered/went through 35 areas (box, drawer, closet, etc). That is a little short of my 5 per week goal.
I only did 5 days worth of going through picture folders. It seems like that tends to be a better wintertime activity. Maybe I should spend a little more time working on that then messing around on Facebook.
My e-mail inbox is cleaned out now but I have been slacking on that some.
I did sell 17 items. Hooray!

How is simplifying going at your house? Do you like to make your activities family ones when possible?


Mrs Shoestring said...

Lovely to see all the kids out playing baseball after supper ! Brings back memories of our time in the USA. Well done, with your decluttering, I need to get back into doing this, over 200 items is impressive !

Abbi said...

Thanks! 200 items might be a lot but there is still a lot to go through.


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