Friday, June 25, 2021

Working on our Basement and other Random Happenings

    We have been making good progress on our basement project and I am super excited about that. We have been laying the vinyl plank flooring and we made great headway this week. That was largely thanks to our friend and brother-in-Christ, Justin. Justin and his lovely wife Paige and their four fun kids came over two afternoons/ evenings this week and helped on the floor. Justin has had experience with flooring and was able to help with some of the hard cuts around doors that I was nervous about. He had a special tool for cutting off the bottom of the doorframes so that we didn't have to take all the doors down and then hang them again later. That was a huge blessing!

Aaron has been helping with the floor project as well. We finished up the den and the main room and now just have half of the bedroom left (including the closet) and then we are done. It is very exciting!

 I also got the bathroom painted a lovely blue (paint found for free at the transfer station so that was nice!). Megan helped a little with the priming.

 Last week the cabinet guy came and put the sink and cabinet and medicine chest in. It is looking good.

Tomorrow I plan on starting on the tiling. I am hoping then to finish it next week. I called the plumber to see if they could come the next week. 

That is the progress on the house. It is going good and I am excited to have it done soon.

   I am  trying a new thing to develop a habit of having a clean desk. Before I can go on the computer I have to clean my desk for 5 minutes. I have been able to accomplish quite a bit with this new rule. Hopefully it is helping me to develop a life long habit.
My niece Beatrice is staying in our area (with my parents) for a couple of months. She is working with the boys at the ice-cream shop. She also enjoys spending time with Megan. This week she came over and they did a bunch of baking. Last week she came over and they were working on making corsets. Not necessarily what  every teen thinks they need, but these two do. 
I enjoyed working on the flowers for a wedding last weekend. There is a certain elegance with white flowers and greenery.
Homeschool baseball started for the summer on Tuesday. We are excited about it. Megan doesn't want to come but Aaron and Jonathan and I went. Our friends, the Murrays, who just moved here also came. It was fun to have them there. 

 Next week Aaron and Megan are going to Bible camp and I get to go for a few days too to help out. It should be a lot of fun!

   I hope you all are doing great!

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