Saturday, January 15, 2022

Project Update

I have been still been making progress on house projects. The week after Christmas while the kids were gone I worked really hard and got quite a few things done. I was able to get a towel rack made and put up in the bathroom (though I do still want to add a couple more hooks to it).
From wood we had on hand I was able to put together a little "kitchenette" This was the frame I made for the base.
Then I added the top and a shelf which is made to perfectly fit the little fridge that I have. I do still need to sand and varnish parts of it but that may wait until warmer weather when I can do it outside.
I have it somewhat set up but still need to do some figuring and organizing.
The den is now the living room/dining/kitchenette for the basement.
This is the main room of the basement where we can either have the pingpong set up or easily take it down.
In the playroom I was able to get the cupboard that I had mounted on the wall and I put up a counter for the playroom kitchen as well.

  I still need to do something for the floor in here. My idea that I thought would be fun is to basically modge podge some maps on the floor. I am not sure. Do you have any good economical suggestions?

My mother-in-law and I also put up a little shelf for a table and hung this coat rack on the wall.
This is another area of the playroom. They have a piano to play (who would want a house without a piano??) and a stove to "heat" and "cook" on.
Megan had painted a maze on the ceiling in the playroom a while back.

  I do really enjoy working on the building projects and I am incredibly grateful for all the things that have happened in my past to bring me to the point I am today where I can work on things like that with confidence and actually get things done.

I am grateful for:

  • My dad and his very advance knowledge of carpentry. Growing up I was able to watch and help him with many, many things. Now today whenever I have a question, need to borrow a tool or need a little help he is a great source for that.
  • My Mom and Grandma Cleone. When I was little we were needed some furniture in the house (a bookshelf and a little table) that my dad didn't have time to build. My Grandma was visiting and she was a great one for tackling things and getting them done and so she and Mom made them. At least that is my memory. Anyway, that example was inspiring to me.
  • Ken. We did many a project together that boosted my confidence levels in carpentry especially when he would just help us get it started (like putting in wood flooring or shingling the garage) and then leave the kids and I to complete the job. He also had the confidence in me that I could put up faux rock, tile a floor and tile a shower and so that helped me to have confidence in myself and get it figured out. I also have been really appreciating his organization - when I go to look for tools, screws and things like that - they are carefully in their spots. It makes working on projects so much easier.
  • My kids, who sometimes eagerly and sometimes reluctantly help me when I need a little extra help.
  • God - the Giver of all good things. The One who has all the answers and is always there when I ask for strength and wisdom. Many a prayer goes up when I am working on projects and many a prayer is answered.

Lest you should think I only work on the rougher jobs anymore - I do also work on other sorts of things as well. :-)

A sweater that I recently completed for a new baby girl at church. Crocheting something like this is such a nice project for any of those times that I am just sitting around anyway. We have a lot of yarn that has been given to us/somehow collected through the years and I love being able to turn it into something useful.
It doesn't feel like I cook or bake nearly as much as I used to but on New Year's Day we enjoyed some fresh cake doughnuts. That was a fun treat.
Flower arranging is still a huge part of my life as I work at a florist shop 3 days a week and am still running Abbi's Bridal Design as well.

  That is a bit of what I have been working on lately. What have you been doing at your place?



Sunnyside Hobby Farm Mom said...

Love the table you made! It is beautiful. I love how you recognize God in your struggles and strive to overcome things that might be out of your comfort zone! I myself am very afraid of power tools :D. Great job!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Hi Abbi! So good to check in with you! You are certainly so very busy, and how you manage to work 3 days a week, run a business, and do all these other things makes me wonder if you sleep? :) I love the little table you made, it looks great! Like you, I enjoy winter, because it gives me time to work on various projects that I don't have time for throughout the rest of the year. Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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