Wednesday, December 29, 2021

I Love Winter!

Winter has really and truly come and I am loving it. 

Well maybe not the people going into ditches and challenging things like that - except even in that there is beauty in the way strangers will stop to help and check on you. You realize you have some pretty nice neighbors and that people in general look out for one another. My little bout with the ditch this week was nothing much - I drove right out (after trying to get around another vehicle on the very snowy road and misjudging where the edge was and going down in for a moment) but a friend (and mother of one of my piano students) went into the ditch coming to lessons today. When my brother-in-law (and neighbor), Benjamin, and I were having trouble getting her out a couple of guys with trucks stopped to check on us and one of them took the time to pull her out. I love that about winter - the opportunities to see the good in others.

I love the beauty of the snow. On the trees, on the dog, on the house. You get the point. :-)

A fun thing about winter is being able to see more sunrises and sunsets - they happen at very normal hours around here in the winter. Not way early in the morning or late in the evening. I do have trouble getting good pictures of sunrises and sunsets however.

There is something very cozy about a blizzard. But I do usually find it the coziest when I am inside with a fire going and a hot cup of tea.
I like the way our house looks in the snow.

The river looks kind of like a field but it is still pretty.

Megan and I walked over to my sister's place last week. Megan found walking in the snow rather wearying.
I love the exercise.
I will be glad to get the girl and her siblings back home tomorrow. Hopefully their flight doesn't get cancelled. That happened to Jonathan yesterday. But God knows and sees the big picture and has it all under control so I won't worry about it.

   What is winter like where you are? A friend from  Florida and I were visiting this morning and I guess we had about a 100 degree difference in temperature. 80 degrees sound nice but I can live with our -18 as well. It makes you feel like you conquered something when you go out and survive. :-) 

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