Friday, December 3, 2021

The Good Shepherd - Game Review

Last week Mara and Thomas had us over for a yummy supper of Venison stew (Thomas got his first deer this year) after which we went and watched "The Night We Light Parade". Afterwards we were a little chilly and so we went back to their apartment for some hot chocolate and we played this game.

"The Good Shepherd" says it is for 2-6 players ages 6 and up. I think perhaps it should also say that it is for ages 6-12 or something like that. Though older people can definitely play it, it is a pretty simplistic game and does not keep their interest very well. 
I think over all the game works pretty well. And I think it would be good one to help emphasize the story of the Good Shepherd. In the game you see how you need a shepherd to protect you from things that can harm you. You also need good pasture. There are things like wolves that are seeking to devour. So I see many ways to reiterate the story while playing a game. And I really like something like that when I am teaching a Bible class.

Because there are dangerous things like wolves and stampedes in this game Thomas pointed out that the young and sensitive crowd might find it disturbing (in the same way that some kids will cry when playing the game of "Sorry" or "Candyland" and you have to go back to start or something like that. So something to consider if you have sensitive children.
So, it did not thrill my group of teenagers and 20 somethings but I do think I will use it again when teaching a Bible class to children. A benefit of it is that it doesn't take long to play so it would work to fit in a Sunday School class time.

  Bible Games Central sent this to me for the purposes of reviewing. But obviously all opinions are my own and they didn't influence what I said.

If you haven't checked out Bible Games Central I would encourage you to do that.
-They have lots and lots of free game ideas some of them with free printables and some just with instructions.
-They have card and board games that you can buy. They are pure and good games and would make lovely Christmas gifts. They are well made and I have done reviews on quite a few of them so you can see if you think they would be interesting for your family or not. Also, if you do want to buy one you can get 20% off your entire purchase by using the code GAMES20. 
-Besides just having free games that you can find according to Bible topic this also have a whole section of Christmas games. I think "The Story of Christmas, Minute to Win it" sounds like a fun one to use for a party.

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