Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Don't Buy..... Egg Roll Wrappers

Something I make for a treat every once and a while is Egg Rolls. The filling is very fun to make using up all sorts of garden veggies and then we wrap them in a thin piece of dough and deep fat fry them. The deep fat frying probably isn't so good for us so that is why it is a treat (also because it is the sort of meal that is a bit time consuming) but I do enjoy them when I get them.

  In the past I have generally bought the egg roll wrappers to use. Growing up we did try making them a few times but they just didn't seem the same so we would generally go back to buying them.

Sometime earlier this year I was hungry for egg rolls, I didn't have any wrappers on hand however and It is against my policy to run to the store just so I can make a certain something for supper I prefer to figure out how to use what we have instead. So I goggled Egg roll wrapper recipes and came upon one at It was so easy to make, it was stirred up in moments by using my food processor. The only ingredients are flour, water and salt. I did "Cheat" however and use white flour instead my normal whole wheat flour. (I don't like using 100% whole wheat when deep frying- it seems to soak up the grease.) Rolling it out makes a little bit of a mess of course but it didn't take to long as I just split the dough in two sections- and then rolled out a big piece all at once and then cut it into somewhat square shaped sections.

 To make the egg roll you put some filling near the middle of the square. By the way there is lots of room for creativity when it comes to the filling. I use whatever I have on hand and try to use up any produce we might be getting from the garden. For this time I had purple cabbage, onion, garlic, beets, hamburger and zucchini plus seasonings.
 Fold the wrapper like and envelope and then roll it into the flap. Seal by moistening the flap.
 Deep fry them just until browned at a 350 to 400 degree heat.
 Prepare to enjoy them!
These wrappers taste just like the ones that we used to buy at the store. They cost much less, a really quite simple to make and don't leave any packaging to throw away.
We used a little purple cabbage that had come from our garden. Mara and I were admiring it's loveliness and she took the above photo. God certainly put beauty everywhere!

  Do you make your own egg rolls? Have you ever tried making your own wrappers?
What is something that you like to make that most people buy?

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Amelia said...

Oh this looks so good! Thank you for sharing! My family loves eggrolls and I was thinking we needed something different for some suppers...I love all your blogs sharing such helpful ideas. : ) You really speak my language! : D

Bless you Abbi! ~Amelia


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