Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The peaceful hour before supper

 This evening I was in the kitchen making supper and enjoying the happy sounds I was hearing.... The older children playing out in the yard (flitting around trying to catch the falling leaves) and Megan (age 6) playing paper dolls at the table (it was so fun to listen in on the "conversation" that went from politics, to reasons for not sending your children to all the classes at public school, to Bible stories to singing). I could see Megan over the counter and the others out the window.

  As I was enjoying that time of just making supper and observing my kids I happened to think about how that is often considered one of the worst hours of the day in homes with children. Though it can get stressful here at times when I don't plan well - it is rare and was rare even when my kids were littler for it to be a bad time of day.

  I thought it would be interesting to think about why it does go smoothly some nights and not so much on others. It is always my goal to improve as a homemaker and to lead a more gentle and peaceful life so thinking things through helps me with that goal.

  Here are some of the things that I think help us to have a good and peaceful hour before supper:

  • Menu Plan. When I have a plan for supper and get it going in plenty of time (including getting the meat out in time to thaw) that helps tremendously!
  • Have an afternoon snack. Children's stomachs are smaller and they do better with stuff to eat a bit more often than just 3 times a day. If they have had an afternoon snack (usually for us around 3:30 pm) than they aren't "starving" right before supper.
  • Have the kids get their chores done earlier in the day. It makes it easier if you don't need to be overseeing chores while you work on supper.
  • Make sure everybody is well rested. For us that means an afternoon rest time where we all read and I sleep too . The rest time is around 1 hour for us.  Children are much less crabby (and this is especially true when they are younger - but might well fit when we are in teen years too - and I have a teen now!) when they are well rested.
  • Make it a rule that children get along. In our family that is expected, it doesn't always happen but that is what we expect and encourage. When children place peacefully together then everything goes smoother in life.
  • Adjust your methods so a child can help if they want to spend time with you (or if you want to spend that time with them). Tonight I worked alone but often I do include a child or so in the supper preparation.
  • Prepare the setting. Sometimes lighting a candle or putting on some music (or having a child practice their music) will help everyone to feel more peaceful and calm.
I hope this may be of help to someone. It was just something I was thinking about this afternoon and so I thought I would share my thoughts.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

May God bless you as you strive to honor Him in your home.
An old picture of Jonathan - one of my great kitchen helpers.


angie said...

I consider my Crock Pot to be a peace maker!!

Abbi said...

A crockpot can help greatly for that. Great tip! Freezing meals ahead of time so there is less preparing can also be very helpful. I also forgot to mention how cooking simply (at least if cooking isn't your favorite hobby) can help a lot.


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