Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Last 2 Weeks in Pictures

 Hello All! I hope you are well! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks....
Aaron's cloak that he made for himself. I am glad I have kids with both imaginations and the ability to make things. I didn't manage to get a picture of Megan in the dress she made yet. Hopefully soon.
 We had dryer issues for a couple of weeks so we figured out air drying in the Winter/Spring time.
 We did a little babysitting for a homeschooling friend. Mara was "teaching" her how to play the Ocarina.
 Aaron and her older brother had been swinging on the rope by the river - knocking chunks of ice with their feet. Both of them ended up wet so Aaron decided that shorts would be the thing to wear now.
 Megan tried taking her for a walk but she wasn't so sure of that idea.
 On Sunday we were over at Mom and Dad's for lunch and I got to hold 2 babies while their Mamas went through line to get their food.
 Ken made a friend.
 Mom and Dad have new babies at their house too.
 A friend gave us an egg decorating kit. Megan found it quite fun and we had fancy eggs for breakfast last Monday.
 Jonathan playing his bango. He is resistant to pictures lately so this is how Megan caught him on film.
 We always love having friends over.
 My class on Wednesday night. We talked about the feeding of the 5,000. Teaching is fun.
We have been going house hunting lately - but thank-fully not for us. For somebody else. It is kind of fun. Seeing a mixture of dirty and clean houses made me want to do some Spring cleaning. So I have...some. I want to do more.

What have you been doing?


Martin Meffert said...

Aaron looks wonderful in his self made cloak and as I see, he is still loves wearing cowboy boots. In my view these fits very well to the cloak. In past time Aaron doesn't like wearing his pant legs tucked in his boots. But now it has changed, did it? Has he bought this pair with his own money, too?

Abbi said...

Thanks Martin! Yes, Aaron does still love cowboy boots. He doesn't generally wear them tucked in but I think he thought it would look more appropriate to do it that way for wearing with his cloak. This pair of cowboy boots I believe I did buy.


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