Monday, July 16, 2012

Around our homestead

Summer is such an active time for homesteading. Once in a while it can get overwhelming but I generally I really enjoy it. Here are some things that have been going on around our homestead....
The bees got hot. A couple of weeks ago now it was a very warm day and I looked out to see the bees doing this. I think they were just trying to stay cool but I did get a little nervous lest they might also be thinking of swarming. I did check on them promptly and gave them some more honey supers. I think the bees are doing pretty good. The small have had a rough start but the big hive is great and the other one is coming along too.
 We had a mighty storm come through our area. We lost quite a few trees including 1 1/2 nice shade trees in our yard and our tree house is no longer usable (hopefully we will be able to get it fixed up to be used in some way again but we haven't had time yet). We are a bit sad about what we lost but truly we were pretty blessed. Many lost way more AND none of us got hurt.

 We are berry picking! Mostly picking raspberries out at my parents but some here as well. We also went blueberry picking. What yummy treats! It is jam making time again.
 We are trying to eat "off of the land" as much as we can. I am having so much fun adding whatever fresh stuff that we have to our meals. I have been using a lot of purslane (and edible "weed" that grows in our garden) and green onions to our meals. We also love snacking on fresh peas, radishes and berries. Lettuce is another treat we are enjoying lately.

 This spring some friends gave us some extra squash plants. My garden was feeling a little full at the time but I had some flower puts empty up by the house. The squash are really looking quite lovely in them I think. :-)
 My garden is growing pretty nicely. The weeds are too! I have been trying to weed out at least 1 full 5 gallon of squished weeds each day. (I had gotten pretty behind after being gone most of 2 weeks). It has been really fun to get so much weeded out of there. As I weed I have been putting down as much mulch as possible to prevent as many future weeds as possible.

I do love working out in the garden. Time spent weeding is a time I really enjoy spending talking to my Heavenly Father.
This corn here looks a bit stunted - I think our sprinklers weren't working quite right and they weren't getting enough water.
I am working to remedy that.
How is life on your homestead?

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

Your garden looks great, as do your hives! :) How fun!

Becky R said...

Everything in my garden died with the water restrictions in my town. AHHH


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