Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do you ever dream...

Do you ever dream of being superwoman?

Not in the meaning of having some special power like magnificent strength or flying or anything like that but maybe a list more like this....

As superwoman I would....
  • Always have meals ready on time and they would taste delicious and be completely healthy.
  • Have the bathrooms at our house always sparkling clean.
  • Never say a harsh word to anyone.
  • Spend one on one time with each child each day.
  • Have a craft area that is perfectly organized and I would put everything away right as soon as I get done using it (and so would my children- as I have trained them carefully).
  • Promptly answer each e-mail that I receive and never have a cluttered inbox that is overwhelming.
  • Have all of my photos (both digital and printed) completely organized and in their places.
  • Never have dirty dishes in my sink (unless they are in the process of being washed) or on the counter.
  • Have a weed free garden.
  • Would know just the right things to say to each person that I meet in order to encourage them.
  • Always be a perfect wife.
  • Never ever forget a birthday.
  • Not have any clutter in my home.
and so forth and so on. There are so many things that I would love to do and I do work towards doing better in my home but I do realize I am NOT superwoman. I am a sinner saved by grace and I am still growing.

  Even as I grow it is quite probably that I won't ever have all the things accomplished that are on the list above. Even though I think many of those are good things they aren't truly the most important things in life. More important is that what I do accomplish be done in love and in a desire to glorify God.

 Yesterday we had a very fun discussion on Hospitality at our homemakers group. In our conversation we did often mention how we would like to make things look "perfect" or "special" but then we visited about how what is more important than how clean things are or how wonderful the food tastes or how many special touches there are is that we are showing hospitality out of love. If our heart is in the right place people will feel far more comfortable than if we do everything according to the "book" with the wrong attitude.

 This is just something I have been thinking on as I try to declutter and clean up my craft room. Someday I do hope to have that perfectly clean craft room but meanwhile I will seek to have a good attitude, glorify God and do the best I can.

Do you sometimes try to be superwoman?


GracefullyCreated said...

Yes, I have a superwoman complex. It doesn't help when my family thinks that I AM super woman. Can be frustrating sometimes.

Nola said...

Oh yes all the time....its something I've been working on stopping. I like those words about it being done in love. SO much more important.


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