Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Reunion

 Last week we went to a family reunion- actually to be more specific a 3 family reunion. When my Mom was growing up her family very much enjoyed getting together with 2 other families. Now those three families get together every 3 years though various ones of us see each other more often than that as our families truly have been intertwined (though never so far by marriage- maybe that will happen in the 4th generation but it bypassed the 2nd and probably the 3rd ) together and many good friends are in this group.

The top picture is one of my family (4 generations). Not nearly everyone was there but we still make a pretty impressive looking bunch if I say so myself.

This picture is of my cousins (who were there) along with my grandparents.

There is a pretty good sized group of great-grandkids but in this picture I just zoomed in on Grandpa with Aaron and Mara behind him. Grandpa is 90 but still driving on trips regularly (he and Grandma have homes in both Nebraska and Indiana and they go back and forth) and doing pretty good. He is a wonderful man and I am blessed to have him for my Grandpa.
Our family is the largest but the Blanshan family is pretty big too. This is a picture of those in their family who were able to come.

The smallest (but still very important) family is the Williamsons.
 All together there were nearly 150 people at the reunion.

  We stayed at Ironwood Christian Ranch in Stuartville, MN. It was a lovely place though a bit expensive (but I think most establishments of that type are).
 One of the favorite activities at our get-togethers is singing. We are a group of people who love the Lord and love to sing and so we spent hours sitting around singing our praises to Him. What fun harmonies were heard while we were there!

We did have fun doing some other things as well.
 My sister Anna organized an interesting "Family Olympics" and the picture above shows Jessica, Betsy (two of the friends I have had the longest and dearly love) and I with our hair full of spaghetti- the result of a competition called "Javelin Throwing".
 Megan (and I- I enjoy kids crafts too sometimes!) doing crafts.
 Jonathan riding on the zip line. It was great fun though it was over very quickly. We did all get to ride at least twice.
 Dad was the last one to try it. Megan and Beatrice had fun helping Grandpa bring his harness back. They were having him make all sorts of animal noises since he was on a leash.
 We played games like "The Settlers of Catan". It was great fun though this particular game ended up lasting for hours and hours. I nearly won but then they all boycotted trading with me and then Ken snuck up to the place that he was going to win but then just before his turn Brenda surprised us all and won.
 The first generation. In the back are my Grandpa and Grandma. Grandma isn't my biological grandmother (She died when I was 6) but she and Grandpa have been married 25 years now so she is certainly a vital part of our family. In front is Bob and June Blanshan. They have lived in MN and sometimes in our town during my lifetime and they are like another Grandpa and Grandma to me. The first generation of the Williamsons have gone to be with the Lord. I am very grateful for the lives that those pictured and those that have gone on have lived because they have been a godly example to a whole lot of people.

I do feel very blessed with a wonderful family. Do you enjoy getting together with your extended family?

 Also do any of you know of good get-together spots that can house and feed 150 + people comfortably that aren't terribly expensive? (Preferably in the Midwest)

I do plan on getting back to my more normal sort of posting with homesteading activities (I have been having fun in the garden lately!), making things and such but I did want to write about the things that have been going on in my life too as this blog is a type of journal for me too.

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Nola said...

Wow that is quite the family! Very impressive. WHat a blessing that must be to come from such a large and predominantly Christian family!


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