Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bible Camp Fun

 Two week ago the kids and I were down in Southern Iowa at Junior week at Sharon Bluff Bible Camp. It was a very warm week (read HOT!) but we had a lot of fun. My sister Anna and her four kids went as well which makes it even more fun.

  While there Anna and I were dorm mothers, helped in the kitchen and with laundry and Anna was also the camp nurse. We also each took a turn of teaching a class the the pre-campers that were there. I don't prefer leaving Ken for a week (though he was horribly busy at work so he just spend every waking hour there so it was good timing) but it is fun to get be with my kids during their camp experience.

  I had a great time visiting and fellowshipping with the other adults there but I think the highlight of my time was probably  getting to spend time with and observe the kids. I loved watching my kids in this different situation but I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many of the other kids there and watch them.

Here are some of the things that I enjoyed.....
~ Watching the kids during Bible drills. I was very glad that we did practice ahead of time here at home. The goal of Bible drills it that the kids would be very familiar with there Bibles and be able to use them in life. The goal is to find the verse as soon as quickly as possible after the reference is said or to quote it. It was pretty fun for me when for the very first verse of the week (at Bible drills) Aaron was the first one up- able to quote it.

 ~ Jonathan being willing to sing a solo for talent night - and doing a pretty good job too. I am so glad he likes music! Aaron also volunteered for talent night, to do a drum solo. I found out about that before it happened and encouraged him to have others perform with him too so it ended up being him on the drums, some singers and I accompanied on the piano. I was happy that both of my boys were willing to do something though.

~ Mara narrating for her teams skit with her usual dramatic flair. Her cousin Margaret (on another team) also did a great job of narrating. It was fun to watch all of the kids doing the skits and how a different side of them came out.

~Being able to help comfort those who were homesick.

~Seeing a girl who has had a troubled life (and her new adopted Mama was nervous about how she would do) just thrive at camp. She made lots of friends and seemed to do just wonderfully.

~ Enjoying a sweet little girl who liked to give hugs and when I would check to make sure that everybody was brushing their teeth she would smile and say "It's minty fresh!" with a huge smile.

~Aaron volunteering to pray every morning at chapel.

~All the little girls who loved to pray before we went to sleep at night.

~The little boy who came up to me one night when it was time to head to bed wondering if he might be able to go home. When I asked him why he wanted to go home he seriously explained to me that at home he liked to watch TV and he was missing doing that. When I tried to talk to him about how things are different at camp but then I noticed his chin start to quiver and discovered that he was really missing more than TV and he was a little guy so he did end up going to spend the night at home and then came back the next day.

~The same little boy who came up to me after canteen one day holding two ice cream sandwiches and explained that he had bought an extra one for his brother and wondered where he should keep it in the meantime (his brother was not at camp). So sweet and cute. I was glad he didn't just put it in his dorm in that nearly 100 degree weather.
 ~ Going over to the nature center at the State park next door with all of the kids and enjoying at looking at a variety of animals and things that God has made. It was a little amusing to see how a bit group of kids can make such a noise difference in a place. I would imagine that the people in charge where more than a little overwhelmed. I had fun looking at the indoor observation bee hive.
 ~Hiking down to the river with some kids and then I had fun watching one of the boys that sometimes seemed a little sullen (but was really a pretty cute kid) solicitously offer to help everyone as we climbed up a bank- many of us wearing flip flops. He was such a little gentleman.
 ~The hikers that wanted to go on as long of hike as I was willing to take them on in weather that was in the high 90's. I loved their exploring spirits.
 ~The end of camp where everybody is lined up and I finally know everyone's name and feel I know a little about them. What a blessing to meet so many youngsters and hopefully help in just a little way to encourage them in learning more about Jesus and walking with Him.
~Traveling home and getting to just spend time and visit with my own sweet kids. All of us working together to keep me entertained so that I wouldn't get sleepy by playing silly games and even getting out and getting some exercise at little wayside rests that we had never stopped at before.

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