Monday, November 4, 2013

Buying Bulk Cheese {and saving money}

I recently used a new source for cheese and was able to save money and get rBst free cheese all at the same time. I decided you all might like to know about this source as well.

  A friend had told me quite some time ago about this place in Wisconsin that you could order 40 pound blocks of cheese from at a good savings. Saving money on cheese sounded good but, though I like to buy things in bulk, a 40 lb. chunk sounded a little overwhelming.

  However recently we were very nearly out of cheese and I really wanted to find some that was rBst free (I have discovered that Walmart has 5 lb. chunks that are but they do cost over $17 for the chunk) so I called up Bletsoe Cheese and checked out their prices and what was available. At the time I called they had either Farmers cheese, Mild Cheddar or Monterey Jack available in the 40 lb chunks and they cost $2.03 per pound plus shipping. With the shipping it came up to $2.77 a lb. Still a pretty good deal!

   We got the farmers cheese because Mara asked me to as she really likes it. This cheese tastes good but this variety is quite squeaky. I don't think we will get this type again as Ken decided he doesn't care for it on his sandwiches. Thankfully he likes it fine in any dishes that I make, on salads and on tacos.

  Getting the 40 lb. chunk wasn't as overwhelming as I thought. Aaron and I easily got it cut into chunks and quite a bit shredded and into the freezer and cleaned up in less than and hour. I am sure I will be doing this again.

  There service was very prompt and the lady I talked to was quite helpful. I am not getting paid in any way to tell you about this company I just figured that some others of you might like to know about a way to get quality, cheaper cheese.

Here is their contact info:
Bletsoe Cheese
8281 3rd Lane
Marathon, WI 54448

  What do you usually pay for cheese where you live? What varieties are your favorite?

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Rebecca said...

I found your post on Pinterest and had to pop over and say thanks for the info! As a fellow homeschooling, frugal, proverbs 31-striving Mama I am happy to hear of this. I have been saving money for a food slicer thinking it would be a huge money saver when it came to meat...I wasn't even THINKING cheese! (And cheese is one of my favorite things in the world!) :-)


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