Friday, November 15, 2013

Our homegrown popcorn

Last week one day we decided some of our ears of homegrown popcorn looked dry enough to try. Mara removed the kernels from the cob and we were ready to try it out. The first attempt was in the air popper but they were so light (because they are miniature) that they just flew right out. So we decided to do it in a pan on the stove. I love the taste of it this way anyway.
 We put them in some hot oil in the pan and put the lid on. Pretty soon the popping began. I shook the pan while it just popped and popped. I was quite excited. It was working wonderfully.

Or so I thought...
When the popping ceased I open the pan up to find this:

Not very much had truly popped the way it is supposed to. Most of it was still little kernels. However the kernels were nice and tender (not like your normal "old maids") and we really enjoyed eating them. The two youngest kids especially loved them. So all was not lost.

  I still am not sure whether they just hadn't matured enough in the garden or if they weren't dry enough. I guess I should do some research. Or do you know?


Jennifer said...

I L♥VE popcorn and eat it almost daily!
How long did you allow it to dry? It sometimes can take up to 100 days or longer before the popcorn is dry enough. If you have more, continue to let it dry in a mesh bag (so air can get all around it) hanging in a cool, moisture-free area and every now and again, just remove a few kernels to run a 'test pop'.
Hope you find success with your homegrown popcorn! I wouldn't go without! :)

Abbi said...

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. We will let it dry longer and try it again!


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