Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Engineer Cap

I have a nephew who has long loved trains. I decided it would be fun to make an engineer cap for him. I had some blue and white striped fabric on hand and I basically followed the directions in this tutorial.

 Nic was pretty pleased with it which made me quite happy. (The picture above was I believe taken by his Mom and edited by him - a train was added.)
Here is another picture of the hat. Aaron modeled it for me before we gave it to Nic.

I have used this tutorial before to make a hat for Jonathan and I will probably use it again as it is pretty easy. I would like to try making a feminine hat in this basic style.

 I think hats make fun gifts so I am going to link up this idea over at Schneider Peeps' Handmade Christmas Carnival.

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Angi Schneider said...

That's such a great gift! Thanks so much for sharing at Handmade Christmas 2013.


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