Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Handmade Christmas Week 5 {Hats!}

Anybody that knows me very well knows that I like to wear hats fairly frequently. There are various reasons for this but one reason is I think they are rather fun. They add character to your outfit.

 This year we have made some hats around here and as I think that hats make great gifts (I have some in mind to make for that purpose but haven't gotten it done yet) and so I thought I would tell you about them.
A hat that I made for myself that I find comfortable and practical is a denim (lined with cotton) beret.

 I kept mine hat pretty simple but you could add more excitement to it if you want. Here is where I found the idea and instructions.
Another hat that I made was a wool one for Jonathan to wear while he played Orville Wright. He is quite adorable (don't tell him that- he wouldn't be to happy with that term) when he wears it with a bow tie and suspenders.
This hat was also quite simple to make. I found the idea and instructions here.
Have you been working on any projects lately or have any great homemade gift ideas? I would love to hear about them! If you have projects written about in a post or other homemade hat ideas would you please leave a link in your comment so we can come see them too? Thanks!

I Support a Thoughtful Christmas I linked up at Common Sense Homesteading.

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Travis said...

Jonathan really is quite adorable in his outfit.


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