Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seeking Solitude - Having Compassion

Thanks for joining me today as I continue my mission of truly exploring God's word and noticing Jesus' actions while here on earth....

The verse that I thought I would write about today isn't one that so much makes me think " okay there is something I should do, let's go get busy!" but more of one that makes me notice that though Jesus is fully God He was also fully man as well.

 Matthew 14:13-14
 "Now when Jesus heard about John, (this is referring to John's death) He withdrew from there in a boat to a secluded place by Himself; and when the people heard of this, they followed Him on foot from the cities. When He went ashore He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick."

  I have to admit that this just reminds me a whole lot of being a Mother to young children. Sometimes (and some people more than others - for the most part I am not the sort of person that needs a lot of alone time) we just feel the need for some time to ourselves but often when you have young children that seems to be fairly impossible.

  Jesus also at least at this time would have liked a little time to Himself - quite likely He wanted to spend time in prayer and just some time to think.

 So wanting some time of quiet solitude is normal and it is okay and we can strive to figure out some ways to make it work - Some things that I would sometimes do (it really isn't to much of an issue now that my kids are older) is to leave the kids with Ken and go do something outside or maybe even go grocery shopping by myself. Another thing when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed (and this was fairly rare but it did happen) was that Ken would suggest my going in my office/craft room and shut the door and he would keep track of the kids. The only problem there was that they still felt they needed me (as much as they loved their dad and he them, they were used to coming to me if they had little problems like needing a snack, etc. ) He would try to keep them otherwise occupied but there was something about me going into a closed room that made them really want to be there too. Jesus too was surrounded by people that didn't want to leave Him alone.

I think Mother's of young children can learn a lot from these verses. Yes we may try to have some solitude but when we are done (or even interrupted) to then go forth with compassion and love for those we need to minister to.

Are you the sort of person that needs solitude? Do you have any practical tips for young mothers?


Nola said...

I am definately the type that needs solitude. I find it so hard especially where I am at right now in my life. I crave just some time alone. I am a young mother so I don't really have tips but I find the biggest thing for me is when I can't have it I get outside with the kids and they get consumed by the outdoors and don't seem to need me quite as much and something about the air helps.

Abbi said...

I do think the time of life that you are at is definetely the hardest for finding time for solitude. Do your kids take naps all at the same time? That did help me (and I forgot to mention it) though sometimes I felt like sleeping the whole time that they did. :-)

Anonymous said...

Having time alone with God took some doing. Fortunately, when God's Spirit is leading, He shows the way. I would pray before my feet ever hit the floor. Also, I would keep prayer requests near the kitchen sink. At other times, when the kids were still sleeping and dad was home, I would slip out for a walk and talk with God when the weather was nice. For Bible reading, I put the Bible on the back of the commode and would read a bit while going to the bathroom. Of course, one has to keep an ear out for kids and not stay too long in there! Fortunately, too, kids take naps. That is also a great time to re-connect with God, take a nap as well, or even just do something pleasant, like reading or writing.



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