Friday, November 30, 2012

A Rag Rug for November

 Well I just barely got this rug done in November - but I did it. Yea!

This month's rag rug was made using a tool made from an old toothbrush. Opal, an older lady from church (now deceased) had taught us how to make "toothbrush" rugs quite a few years back but I forgot how it was done and she had done the middle part for me so I never did learn how to start it. I wanted to figure it out again but everybody else that I knew of that had learned as well had also forgotten- so I started searching online for instructions.

   I found some that I think may be correct (here) and I gave it a go. However I had trouble following the instructions so I ended up following these instead and though it was different than Opal's rug it was quite easy to make and I think the result is very durable. As usual I love seeing something useful made from some old clothes and other strips of cloth that I had hanging around. A new rug that was completely free!
Have you ever made a rug using a toothbrush tool? Is your method like the one I followed or different?

I would love to hear about any rag rugs that you have made - I am always looking for new ideas!

I am linking this up to Frugal Friday at Life as MOM.


Anne said...

Hi Abbi,

your rug is lovely. Not only practical but beautiful as well - which room are you going to put it in? I've never heard of the toothbrush method of making one before - it seems to work really well. I love that these traditional crafts are still being used.

DL said...

I love making toothbrush rugs! My favorite ones to make are round rugs. I make most of mine from thrifted bed sheets, but have also used anything from bluejeans to knit shirts. I also use the technique to make coasters and placemats. I hope you are able to make more!

cheryl said...

I made my first toothbrush rug a year or so ago out of old sheets. I just tore them into strips, which when washed, leaves little threads hanging out, but I think it still looks great. I made mine into a small oval and it became a bath mat. Seeing your blog makes me anxious to make another. Nice job!


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