Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's go outside!

I very much love the outdoors, I love seeing so many different things that God has created and I enjoy different activities like gardening, biking and camping (and much more!) that are done outdoors. I also like many different inside activities like crafting, reading, homemaking (and much more!) - nobody could ever accuse me of not being well rounded in my interests. :-)

    I spend quite a lot of time outside in the summer but when cold weather appears and I have just been busy outside doing all sorts of harvesting and such and I am totally ready to spend some time inside. And that is what I have been doing lately - I have been making things, cleaning, organizing and homeschooling my children and it has been fun.

I have been lacking a little bit of fresh air. So today after our rest time it was beautifully sunny and I decided everybody could clear out of the house for a while. Some fresh air would be good for all of us!

It was so lovely! It reminded me of the importance of going outside even if it is chilly (and you are "cold blooded" like me). We cut some wood up (The boys and Megan were all quite busy at that with hatchets and saws and then I helped with it some later) that had fallen in the summer storm and I checked my bees. The bees are still alive (we shall see if that lasts!) and even they were getting some fresh air today.

I was so glad that I spend part of my afternoon outside - I want to do it again soon!

So if you are feeling sluggish and you have been holing up in your house - I encourage you to go outside!

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Anonymous said...

I have been so enjoying getting outside every day this week also. I hope to keep it up as winter comes. It just helps me feel MUCH better to get out in God's beautiful outdoors and get some fresh air! Mom


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