Monday, July 23, 2007


I am lefthanded and enjoy that fact. I guess I just like being unique, different, special. Being lefthanded is something that people notice and comment on. Anyway since I started having kids I have been hoping to have some lefties that take after me. My husband is a righty and my oldest daughter took after him but then our oldest son did take after me. I was so excited. Our 2nd son is a righty so I think fair is fair and our youngest daughter (She is just one and we can't tell what hand she favors yet) needs to be a lefty. This past week I was encouraging her to use her lefthand much to my husbands amusement- he draws the line about forcing her to be a lefty though. I'll just hope!:-)
Did you know that Presidents Garfield, Truman, Ford, Reagan, Bush (the father) and Clinton were all lefties. McCain and Obama are also lefties.

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