Monday, May 16, 2011

Enjoying working and relaxing outside!

We are so enjoying being able to work and play and even eat outdoors now. We have had some pretty lovely weather and the leaves are popping out on the trees and the grass is getting pretty green. This morning while working outside I actually got hot and that is saying quite a bit for my cold blooded self. I am chilly now however, just sitting here in the downstairs typing.

  Since the weather has been nice it has made us feel like getting busy and getting some of those outdoor activities done.  We checked on the bees again (a couple of times since last report) and gave them their medicine. I was checking to see how well the queen was laying and if they had a nice brood going. I have read about this but I still feel rather unqualified for being able to tell for sure if things are really going well or not. 
 The two hives are both busy and we see workers bringing pollen back regularly but one (Catnip Castle) is busier than the other. Not only do we see more activity at Catnip Castle but they also have a bunch of larva and I can't see any of that in Moonbeam Manor. They do both have capped brood cells so hopefully everything is all right. The bees at Catnip Castle have gone through their sugar water much more quickly as well.
 All of the kids have taken turns dressing up and helping with the bees. They are all incredibly interested and I love having them learn along with me. Megan is a bit more timid but yesterday I dressed her up and she was peering right in there just like the big kids. She is the clothing police for anybody that looks at our hives. She is quick to warn the the bees might sting you if you wear black or brown which is what we had been told. She is extremely careful not to wear those colors anywhere near the bees herself.
 Last Thursday evening (which actually wasn't quite so warm) we decided to cook hot dogs over a fire and eat outside. We really enjoy the laid back feeling that comes from cooking over and then eating around the fire.
 I got my rag rug for the dining room doorway done! I would have been done sooner but had some issues with it laying flat around the edges and I had to pull some out and do it over. It is behaving fairly well now. I am enjoying our new rug and of course loving the fact that it was made from something that would have otherwise been trash (Our old stained slipcovers and our very faded curtains).
 After much trench digging by the kids Ken was able to lay the electric wire and provide electricity by the bee yard so that I could plug in the fencer. Unfortunately the fencer seems to have an issue so the fence isn't electric yet but hopefully I just need to replace some fuses. This beekeeping business is certainly an education as I have never dealt with things like fuses before.

Ken did the electric work on Saturday and he also replaced an outdoor faucet that was leaking badly and....
He tilled my (our) garden!!!
I am very excited about that and I am eager to get the peas, lettuce, carrots and onions planted. Most everything else will have to wait until Memorial Day weekend.

Ken also helped me with the strawberry patch but as we aren't finished with that yet I think I will share about that next week. :-)
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~Babychaser~ said...

This looks great! And I think you've inspired me to try a rag rug! Now to work it onto my to do list! :)


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