Monday, July 18, 2011

Dreaming of a home where....

This weekend we went to the arts and crafts fair in town. I love to go to these fairs even though often I don't buy anything. I love just looking at the wonderful artwork (fantastic and realistic drawings and paintings of nature), pottery, baskets, woodwork, handmade beads, candles, scarves, hammocks and so forth. This year I did end up buying 3 things: A wooden chest/bench to keep our mittens and hats in, a pottery bowl (at a much lower price than I generally see them at) and a jar of honey which will hopefully last us until we harvest our own and then hopefully we will never have to buy honey again!

Our purchases
   Walking through that sort of place makes me start dreaming about how I would love to have my home look. I dream about a kitchen with all pottery, glass, wood and metal dishes- hardly any plastic to be found. I dream of having all our wood furniture be solid wood and sturdily made by a craftsman- no press board covered with plasticky veneer. Wood or ceramic tile floors with handmade braided wool rugs and no wall to wall carpeting. Walls with art and pictures created by us or someone we know. Hardly any electronics to be seen but rather shelves lined with books and musical instruments to be played. Our own handmade soap to wash up with in the bathroom. Meals made out of food we raised or got locally and from all natural ingredients. Handmade quilts on every bed. Fresh flowers to decorate.

Oh it is fun to dream....

  And we do accomplish more than dream. Little by little our dreams do become reality as we work on them. We try new things and find out how to do and make things we have never done before. It is fun and it helps us to be able to buy less but have more. But as fun as this sort of dreaming is and as much as I would enjoy having a home like I described above there is something more important that I want to dream about and work towards.

I am dreaming and working towards having a home where Christ is always center and we consider God's will in everything we say and do. Our desire is to please Him. Where we love and honor one another and encourage each other to do better. Where we give our grumpiness over to God and let Him help us be sweet and kind instead. Where we reach out to the world around us and provide hospitality to everybody. That is the home that I really dream of! This is the part of my home that I want to work the very hardest on!

What sort of home do you dream of?


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love to explore and see what people have created a sales too.

Ang said...

Your dream home sounds a lot like what i remember of your parents home.

Jennifer said...

So true!! I dream of the same things too as we're preparing to buy our first house in a year...but I definitely want to focus on making Jesus our center too. It's sooo easy when everything is going great, but when the baby is teething and the toddler is miserable and the preschooler is clingy and gradeschool is sassy, it's so easy to just lose focus on Him. Thanks for sharing this!

Homesteading Chic said...

Great reminders of what is really important. :) I hope one day you can achieve your dreams, especially the Christ centered home. I need to focus more on that myself. :)



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